In the heart of the Ionian Sea lies a gem of an island, where azure waters meet golden shores, and ancient charm dances with modern romance. It was here, amidst the breathtaking beauty of Kefalonia, that Rob and Rebecca chose to embark on the journey of a lifetime – their wedding day.

Along with their cherished family and friends, set sail from England to the sun-kissed shores of Greece. Their destination? The picturesque village of Assos, a place where time seems to stand still, and every corner whispers tales of love and enchantment.

As the sun painted the sky in hues of pink and gold, Rob and Rebecca exchanged vows in a ceremony that seemed straight out of a fairytale. Against the backdrop of an old church on the rocks and the gentle lapping of waves, their love story unfolded, a testament to the power of devotion and the beauty of two souls intertwining as one.

The celebration continued at the iconic Antisamos Beach Bar, where laughter mingled with the melodies of Greek music.

Their love story was a testament to the power of love to transcend borders, unite hearts across oceans, and create memories that would last a lifetime.

Wedding Planning: @mythosweddings

Photography: @georgekatsaros

Hair: @elliehairkefalonia

Makeup: @christiane_makeup