Empowering visuals

Telling your unique love story

Through wedding photography, I became what I like to call a “moment’s collector”, a narrator of true love stories that never end. After every wedding, the strong feelings I experience definitely outweigh the both emotional and physical fatigue of the many hours working.

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What to look for in a

Destination Wedding Photographer

After shooting on a warm beach, the edge of a cliff, etc. I’ve come to realize that not all wedding photography sessions are created equal. Every country has its own unique challenges when it comes to wedding photography.

You want a destination wedding photographer who is going to anticipate and be aware of those challenges so that your most precious day goes off without a hitch.


Make sure to keep these three factors in mind

when looking for a wedding photographer in Greece:

Ability to improvise

Travel experience

Positive attitude 

It is important for me to catch the feeling

and the vibe of your love story!